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The latest from the LifeChoice Blog

  • Why not pay commercial providers to assist suicides?

    Cross-posted from MercatorNet Assisted suicide is an idea which keeps evolving in unpredictable ways. Who could have foreseen the development of groups of non-doctors which help hundreds of people to die in Switzerland? They are non-profits and charge only for membership and handling fees. But what if companies saw a commercial opportunity in the market […]Continue Reading
  • My newborn son helped reawaken in me the horror of abortion: young father

    Cross-posted from LifeSiteNews This past week my wife did an amazing job of birthing our little son into the world! What a wonderful joy it is to have such a fresh experience of new life, manifested so uniquely for parents within the first seconds and hours of a child being brought forth into the world. […]Continue Reading
  • Elderspeak is demeaning

    Cross-posted from MercatorNet During the season premiere of the HBO comedy, Getting On, I noticed the excessive use of toddler-speak toward patients portrayed as being elderly. The show takes place in a senior rehab/hospice unit in a community hospital. Whenever one of the health care providers (physician or nurse) was speaking to one of the patients, […]Continue Reading
  • Is this the weirdest pro-choice argument ever?

    Cross-posted from The Leading Edge Blog In the latest episode of The Pro-Life Guy I explore a very weird argument about abortion, miscarriage, and manslaughter that I recently saw being proposed by a group of pro-choice activists on Facebook. You can watch this episode of The Pro-Life Guy on the player below, or over on our YouTube channel at […]Continue Reading
  • Dismemberment is not an act of love

    Cross-posted from Secular ProLife Sometimes when talking to pro-choice leaders and reading what they write, one is reminded of George Orwell’s novel 1984. Words have their opposite meanings; black is white, slavery is freedom, and abortion is a social good and moral choice instead of a brutal act that kills a baby and, quite often, […]Continue Reading
  • Bringing the elderly back to life with music

    Cross-posted from MercatorNet Caring for patients with dementia will probably be one of the biggest human dignity issues of our century, as the proportion of elderly grows across the globe. It seems disgraceful to warehouse them in nursing homes, but often there are few alternatives. So I was really delighted to see a ray of […]Continue Reading

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