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Join us at the inaugural Pulse Pro-Life Student Forum this July! We have an awesome line up of national and international speakers, presenting on life issues. Applications open to young Australians from aged sixteen to university level.

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  • Eugenic screening for Down Syndrome and the tangled web that is effecting us all

    Cross-posted from TheLeadingEdge Blog An important news story slipped largely under the radar yesterday. It concerns a new research paper showing that pregnant women are not being measured and weighed properly (for fear of offending them) and that this is leading to “risks”. The first risk is pretty straightforward; pregnant women who are carrying extra weight are […]Continue Reading
  • Belgian intensive care doctors back involuntary euthanasia

    Cross-posted from BioEdge Involuntary euthanasia is acceptable medical treatment, according to a recentofficial statement by the Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Although voluntary euthanasia is legal is Belgium under some circumstances, involuntary euthanasia is basically illegal. But the Society wants to be able to euthanase patients who do not appear to have long to […]Continue Reading
  • No, I am not interested in “punishing” women for having sex

    Cross-posted from Secular ProLife I went to law school. This has affected my way of thinking, for good and for ill. I am now fluent in legalese. The purpose of legalese is to increase clarity. I realize that that’s very difficult for non-lawyers to believe! But it’s true, and in this post, I’ll show you […]Continue Reading
  • Why a poor prognosis is not an argument for euthanasia.

    Cross-posted from HOPE The pro-euthanasia lobby often promote – or at the very least, piggy back upon – media reports of people facing difficult prognoses who want to end their lives rather than face the prospect of deterioration and all the difficulty that such a path may visit upon them. Such persons often become, for […]Continue Reading
  • Want to know why I’m pro-life? Watch 12 years a slave

    Cross-posted from TheLeadingEdge Blog I recently had the chance to see the movie 12 Years a Slave, which is based on the true story of Solomon Northup, a free African American who was kidnapped from New York and sold into slavery in the South in 1841. It is a powerful film that presents an unflinching look at […]Continue Reading
  • Do Australians support freedom of speech?

    The other week I was working on a blog article which was looking at whether Australians are Prochoice. The blog article was split up into two sections Part One looked at the historical trend in Australia on opinions towards abortion and Part Two  looked at Australians attitudes towards the recent trend of decriminalisation.  I was […]Continue Reading

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